Are You Ready for the WINTER Sports Season?

The holiday season is over, we are all now focused on the year ahead and how to get started. Well here's a little tip, the time for printing winter sportswear is now! We want you to know this, as we understand the importance of maximising opportunities during the Winter sports season.

Digital transfer printing is at its best printing sportswear and associated items. Think player sports numbers, sponsors logos in every position, team jackets, hoodies and umbrellas, that’s right you can even customise umbrellas. All of these items can easily be printed using heat transfer, so your time is now!

To newcomers of digital heat transfer, this period of printing is exciting but there are things you need to know about printing sportswear. It is often made of sublimated polyester and this can cause discolouration if the wrong heat transfer vinyl is used. To find out more, check out this article on dye-migration and how to stop it.

Heat Pressing Names & Numbers on Sublimated Garments

Make pressing teamwear a breeze this winter season. Let Zoe take you through how to heat press a sublimated soccer jersey and provide a few tips on placement of transfers and how to get an even press every time.

The heat transfer vinyl used is CUT Subblock for the name and number, and PRINT Subblock for the logos. These products are specifically designed for use on dye sublimated garments to prevent dye migration occurring.

Customising Umbrellas with Heat Transfer Vinyl

Find out how easy it can be to customise umbrellas and what two considerations you need to make before getting started. An easy add on for sporting clubs, corporate uniforms or promotional products.

The heat transfer vinyl used to create the single colour design is CUT Nylon - Orange. If you would like to produce full colour printed transfers our PRINT Stretch or PRINT Low Temp is perfect for application onto umbrellas and other heat sensitive or water resistant fabrics.

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