How to Customise Beach Towels


Check out the Printers Product in action. Watch just how easy it is to customise a beach towel using PRINT Light heat transfer vinyl. Plus the number one consideration you need to make to ensure you get a perfect press!

In this video Zoe demonstrates applying a printed transfer on to a 100% cotton beach towel. Beach towels will usually have the loops sheared off one side. It’s important to always press onto the sheared side for an even application.


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Have you thought about customising chairs?

Whether you have or haven't thought about custom chairs this video will demonstrate how easy it can be to press on to a heat sensitive product using our PRINT Low Temp. As the name suggests its designed for low-temperature application, how low did you ask? 

Check out this video to find out just how low you can be pressing digital transfers with PRINT Low Temp, plus some other great ideas for products you can customise. If you have a heat press, we want to help you get the most from heat transfer!


Click here to request a sample of PRINT Light vinyl/PRINT Low, or if you have any challenges with heat transfer give us a call on 1300 765 414.