Social Media: Love it or hate it, customers expect it


Do you hear the words Social Media and a little part of you dies inside? What is it? Do you have multiple social media accounts but don’t update them? Take a seat and strap yourself in. This is going to be a crash course in Social Media and why you should care about it.

Social media is a group of online services that allow not only people to interact with each other but more importantly, it allows businesses to interact with customers. How?Through posting regular content like articles and images that engages with the customer. So why is social media relevant to your business?

There are two factors to consider:

1. Customers have a growing expectation that businesses are on social media and they want to interact with businesses through social media. If you are ignoring social media, you are effectively ignoring your customers. And I think we can all agree that it is a sin in business to ignore customers and their expectations.

2. It is a great lead generator for future sales. Social media is a way for you to advertise directly to your customer, show them what you do and stay front of mind. So when they need something, they think of you first. The Coke-Cola Company is the master of staying front of mind. Think about how often you see their brand in any given week.

Now to put this into action. Where do you get started?

You can start by signing up to any number of social media platforms. Some of the big ones are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and SnapChat. But don’t limit yourself, if you find another platform that’s better suited to you and your customer base, try it out. The key we’ve found is to establish one at a time. Signing up to multiple social media platforms all at once often leads to a bunch of empty accounts. If you are lost picking one, we find Instagram is a great platform to showcase the work you are producing.

So be careful, start slowly but have consistency. Having a bunch of empty social media accounts can be more damaging than not having any at all. It looks like you either don’t care or can’t manage your time effectively enough to post regularly. And customers will take that to be a reflection on how you conduct business. Not having a social media presence is just like not having a fax back in the 1990s. It’s not ideal but people will forgive you for it. On a side note. If you still use a fax machine, bin it pronto. It’s time to move on from three decade old technology.

Now don’t forget. If you are starting out or rekindling your social media presence. Make sure you follow and tag us in your posts, and we’ll do the same for you. Through sharing content, we can all benefit and grow our online presence. Below are tags for you to use freely. Best of luck, its a rapidly changing world out there, if you have any questions, give us a call.

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Here are some resources to help you get started: 

Confirm your desired username for consistency across platforms: Namechk 

Learn about social media through an online resource: 

Setting up a social media calendar to help you stay up-to-date: Social Media Content Calendar Template