Changes at Velflex

There have been a huge number of changes - both big and small - to the way we do things at Velflex. Every change has been made for the same driving reason. To make it easier for our customers to become market leaders in their space. These changes have mainly been internal changes, but here are some details on the external changes that you may have noticed.

We have a new website!

Yes, finally. It has been in the pipeline for a very long time. 12 months to be exact, and it hasn't all been smooth sailing but we are finally here.

Why the new website? We wanted to provide a better online experience for customers so that purchasing would be faster; easier; possible from a mobile phone; have multiple freight options with costs calculated at checkout, and have more information readily available at your finger tips during the entire process.

Freight - A necessary evil.

Freight can be a taboo word these days, with so many online stores offering 'Free Shipping' it can be easy to forget it is a very real cost, and can be one of the biggest expenses for any business.

Sadly, we could no longer offer 'Free Shipping' for online orders going forward, but in its place we are giving you 4 options to choose from - putting the power in your hands to choose the best time versus cost option to suit your business needs:

Free Pickup in Albury

If you have a business nearby, we would love for you to drop-in and pickup your order. Alternatively, if you have your own courier that you want to use. We are happy for you to pick this option and leave a comment in the notes section when completing your order online. We will email you the consignment details so you can book the pick-up. Easy as eating pie.


This is the most affordable option for most orders. It is despatched via road transport using StarTrack with the following average delivery times (based on business days, Mon-Fri) to capital cities:

    • Sydney - Next day
    • Melbourne - Next day
    • Canberra - Next day
    • Brisbane - 2 days
    • Adelaide - 2 days
    • Hobart - 4 days
    • Perth - 5 days
    • Darwin - 5 days

Fixed Price Premium

This can be one of the most economical ways to ship using a premium air service for a fast delivery Australia wide. Fixed Price Premium is based on bracketed weight ranges at a fixed price to anywhere in Australia. Maximum weight of 20kgs.

    • 0 - 3kgs = $15.00
    • 3 - 5kgs = $25.00
    • 5 - 10kgs = $45.00
    • 10 - 20kgs = $90.00

These shipments are initially sent via road to Melbourne from our warehouse in Albury and are then flown using domestic air services to the nearest airport to its destination. From there it goes via road to the closest freight depot and finally despatched to you. Here are the following average freight times in business days to capital cities for Fixed Price Premium:

    • Sydney - Next day
    • Melbourne - Next day
    • Canberra - Next day
    • Brisbane - Next day
    • Adelaide - Next day
    • Hobart - Next day
    • Perth - Next day
    • Darwin - 2 days


Using the same premium air service as Fixed Price Premium. This has the same delivery time frames but charges are calculated based on a per kilo rate and its destination (like Express but using premium air services). 

Premium has no maximum weight.

This is generally the most expensive way to ship goods, but is sometimes necessary to meet that impossible deadline. 

Save 20% - Buy by the roll.

There have been a couple of minor pricing adjustments to our CUT range that you would have noticed in the last 2 weeks.

We no longer have bracketed pricing for CUT materials. We now only sell by the metre or the roll. The metre rate for most product has come down slightly (CUT PU from $17.50 to $17.00) and you can now save 20% by purchasing a roll.


With all these changes taking place in the coming weeks, the future is certainly bright, but if you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to give us a call on 1300 765 414 or send an email to