What is the real cost of product centric innovation?

Heat Transfer Production

We work in a product centric industry, an industry fixated on product innovation. Which is great, right? We as an industry are continually striving to develop the thinnest product, a product that requires no weeding, a product that will last forever, has incredible colour fastness and will stretch more than a garment ever will. But at what cost? What is the compromise?

The compromise is usually a more difficult product to work with in production. It is harder to cut, it requires extra steps to produce, and takes forever to weed. The cost is very real. In this instance, it is not just the likely higher product cost but also the labour cost associated with producing a single transfer. It is also the cost of morale. 

The dread of having to produce a job with a product known to be more difficult is taxing on staff members, and can lead to low morale, which is contagious, further reducing staff effectiveness and efficiency. Again, adding to labour costs. From a business perspective, working with the most innovative products can be counter-productive and costly.

We took a different approach to product innovation, an approach that was customer centric and strived to make life easier for the production team. We worked with a manufacturer to develop the easiest product to use, one that would suit 90% of heat transfer jobs and would speed up the production workflow, reducing labour cost and ultimately making the business more profitable. This product is called PRINT Light and is the product choice among production staff Australia wide.

PRINT Light is not the answer to all your problems, and no one product ever will be. For products that will cater to the remaining 10% of jobs. Check out the following:

If you have questions about product selection, want to get a sample of PRINT Light and see for yourself or looking to speed up your production workflow. Give us a call on 1300 765 414.

We don’t just sell our products, we have used every product we sell in a production environment, and our sister company, Vicon Transfers, continues to use our full product range every day.