Cold Roll Laminator

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The Cold Roll Laminator is a must for any business that is producing heat transfers. This is a basic laminator that will speed up your production time and improve the quality of your laminating.

The laminator uses a manual crack handle on the right-hand side of the laminator to rotate the rollers. Pressure is adjusted by changing the top roller height using the screws at either end of the laminator. The rollers themselves are made from a silicone rubber.

Check out our video for a demo on Cold Roll Laminating and the benefits it can have for your production workflow. 


Height: 350mm (990mm including stand)
Width: 1280mm (Roller width 1100mm)
Depth: 300mm (460mm including stand)

Roller width: 1100mm
Roller height from floor (on stand): 750mm

Height: 440mm
Width: 440mm
Length: 1400mm
Weight: 55kg