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Digital Super Light (Stretchiest Print)

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Available by the roll.
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Digital Super Light

Designed for superior stretch, this new printable vinyl is rated for high stretch fabrics or lightweight cotton tees. Digital Super Light moves with the wearer without cracking or buckling - perfect for sportswear/gym wear or other high performance gear.
This vinyl is the thinnest in the Velflex range - almost HALF the thickness of regular print vinyls. This allows it to feel like part of the garment and truly live up to its name. Previous stretch vinyls have been difficult to work with due to their inability to release from the carriers or being too sensitive to heat. This vinyl blends the printability of our everyday vinyl with the feel and finished look of a specialty product. This product responds best when left to dry (best results when left overnight) between printing and cutting.

  • An improved blend of the old 'Digital Invite Light' and ‘Digital Extra White’  when it comes to look, feel and overall performance of the product once pressed.
  • Ultra thin - this product is half the thickness of most other standard print vinyls which means it feels more like part of the garment than any other product in the Velflex range.
  • Our stretchiest product - Designed to stretch with the fabric below.
  • True matte finish - the most matte printable product in our range.
  • Works best when allowed to dry between printing and cutting - this allows for the ink to dry/outgas. The heavier the print, the longer to leave it for the best results. 
  • Medium sticky backing which is great for finer detail.


Time: 12 seconds
Temperature: 150˚C
Pressure: Medium / 50-60psi / 4bar / 5-6 on Hotronix
Peel: Hot (Immediate)

Time, temperatures and pressures are provided as a recommendation for a majority of applications. Given the nature heat application, diversity of heat presses available and various fabric compositions, optimal heat application settings may vary from these recommendations.


Compatible with the following fabrics:

  • Cotton
  • Polyester
  • Cotton/Polyester Blends
  • Lycra

    This product has also been used on a wide variety of fabrics but testing is recommend to guarantee results.


Thickness: 55µm
Material Composition: 100% Polyurethane (PU)
Minimum Cut Size: 5mm Text (For fast weeding)
Finish: Matte


  • 0.50m x 5m rolls
  • 0.50m x 25m rolls
  • 0.75m x 25m rolls

Technical Data Sheet

For instructions on how to use this product including recommended settings for printing, cutting and heat application. Click the link below:

Technical Data Sheet

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Application Tape

Stahls High Tack Application Tape

All our print vinyls require application tape. We recommend using the above product for best results. Need both? Why not try our bundle deals and save!