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Get Started with Velflex heat transfer!

Looking to start or expand your business with Heat Transfer? We're here to help you discover everything there is to know, it's why we get up in the morning, it's what we do!

To jump right in, there are two options to get started:

#1 - 'Intro to Heat Transfer' - free sample pack

This is a complete guide to our products, including printed and cut samples to touch and feel. This gives you a complete overview of our range and we'll be right there to help you decide on what suits you best to get started.

#2 - 'Lets get Started' - $50 starter pack

Now this pack we custom fill with over $150 worth of vinyl ready for you to get printing and cutting, it's super great value so we limit this pack to 1x per customer.

Pick this pack and we'll have a discovery chat, find out exactly what vinyls you're interested in and we'll put the custom pack together and get you started pronto.


To get started or simply find out more, fill in your details below and we'll give you a call.

Not sure if the above packs suit?  Maybe you're only starting to look at your first Heat Press or simply wanting to upgrade equipment.  Perfectly fine, we got you there too.
We work with businesses at every stage of their heat transfer journey, and we believe there are 4 core stages:
Stage 1: Just starting out, I know a little about HT and need help finding the right heat press suited just for me so i can get started.
Stage 2: I have a heat press and currently buy transfers from a supplier that i press. I want to know more about heat transfer products and possibly interested in a cutter or even a printer to start producing vinyl transfers myself
Stage 3: I have a heat press and cutter / printer and i’m looking for easier to use products to make transfer production faster and give me an edge in the market.
Stage 4: I've been producing transfers for years and looking to upgrade equipment to make heat transfer as fast and efficient as possible, quality equipment and best practice production methods are key to my growing business success!
The first step to us helping you and your business in heat transfer is to let us know you're wanting to know more.
Fill in your details below and we'll give you a call to discuss exactly where you're business is at and how we can help you take the next steps towards your vision.