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  • Plotterfilms DIGITAL Extra Pearl Gloss Digital Extra Pearl Gloss (PRINT Pearl)

    Digital Extra Pearl Gloss (PRINT Pearl)

    (ex. GST)

    SAVE with Stocktake Clearance! The shimmering pearlescent finish you've been looking for! Create brilliantly metallic full colour logos easily with Plotterfilms DIGITAL Extra Pearl Gloss, printed as easily as any other printable film only designed to...

  • Plotterfilms DIGITAL Invite Light (PRINT Light) Digital Invite Light (PRINT Light)

    Digital Invite Light (PRINT Light)

    (ex. GST)

    As our primary printable film, Plotterfilms DIGITAL Invite Light (PRINT Light) should be your first choice of film. This film has fantastic weeding capabilities (as small as 5mm text) whilst maintaining reasonable stretchability. PRINT Light is a...

  • Plotterfilms DIGITAL Reflex (PRINT Reflective)

    Digital Reflex (PRINT Reflective)

    (ex. GST)

    Create full colour reflective logos with Plotterfilms DIGITAL Reflex (PRINT Reflective). Print logos and branding on a high-visibility work and active wear to ensure the both the wearer and your brand are highly visible. Application Time: 10...

  • Plotterfilms DIGITAL Extra Clear (PRINT Clear) PRINT Clear

    PRINT Clear

    (ex. GST)

    Clear is our transparent printable film which creates borderless transfers that are easy to weed, vibrant in colour while uniquely showing the garment texture through the transfer. The use of invisible contours and patches provides a quicker method to...

  • PRINT Glow In The Dark

    PRINT Glow In The Dark

    (ex. GST)

    SAVE with Stocktake Clearance! Like our CUT Glow In The Dark but printable. That's right! You can now print full colour digital heat transfers that glow in the dark. Just wait for the sun to go down and see the light up. Application Time: 10...

  • PRINT Low Temp

    PRINT Low Temp

    (ex. GST)

    After years of research and development on printable polyurethanes, PRINT Low Temp is now available with a unique low temperature heat transfer glue. Specifically for applying to nylon or coated fabrics previously difficult to print. The new advances...

  • Plotterfilms DIGITAL Sublistop (PRINT Subblock) PRINT Subblock

    PRINT Subblock

    (ex. GST)

    After years of development, Plotterfilms DIGITAL Sublistop (PRINT Subblock) now allows you to print transfers on sublimated or heavily dyed polyesters. Developed with an exclusive anti-migration layer, Plotterfilms DIGITAL Sublistop (PRINT Subblock)...