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  • Digital Invite Light (PRINT Light)

    Digital Invite Light (PRINT Light)

    (ex. GST)

    Speed up production with our fastest drying, easiest to weed print HTV. Create full colour transfers with detail as fine as 5mm text. Once pressed, Invite Light feels like part of the garment. Your number one choice for printable vinyl.Features OEKO-...

  • Digital Sublistop (Print Subblock)

    Digital Sublistop (Print Subblock)

    (ex. GST)

    After years of development, Plotterfilms DIGITAL Sublistop now allows you to print transfers on sublimated or heavily dyed polyesters. Developed with an exclusive anti-migration layer, Plotterfilms DIGITAL Sublistop stops the garment dye from...

  • Digital Low Temp (PRINT Low Temp)

    Digital Low Temp (PRINT Low Temp)

    (ex. GST)

    After years of research and development on printable polyurethanes, Digital Low Temp is now available with a unique low temperature heat transfer glue. Specifically for applying to nylon or coated fabrics previously difficult to print. The new...

  • Plotterfilms DIGITAL Extra Clear (PRINT Clear) Plotterfilms DIGITAL Extra Clear (PRINT Clear)

    Digital Extra Clear (PRINT Clear)

    (ex. GST)

    Digital Clear is our transparent printable film which creates borderless transfers that are easy to weed, vibrant in colour while uniquely showing the garment texture through the transfer. The use of invisible contours and patches provides a quicker...

  • Weeding Tool

    Weeding Tool

    (ex. GST)

    Weeding Tool with retractable blade.    Great for weeding all vinyl types, and also great for manually cutting or altering vinyl that has incorrectly cut by the cutter.   Refill blades also available. UPGRADE TO A WEEDING TOOL &...

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    FLEX Cad Cut & DIGITAL HTV Sample Pack

    FLEX Cad Cut & DIGITAL HTV Sample Pack

    (ex. GST)

    FLEX CAD CUT & DIGITAL HTV SAMPLE PACK 1m x White Flex Classic vinyl 1m x Black Flex Classic vinyl 1m x Metallic Gold Flex Classic Special 1m x Digital Invite Light 1m x Digital Sublistop 1m Digital Invite 120 3m x Application Tape Yellow Velflex...