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Metamark MD-P P/Cut Gloss Printable SAV (BN20) - 500mm x 25m

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Metamark MD-P P/Cut Gloss Printable SAV (BN20)

MDPG is a promotional gloss white digital film. MDPG is a 100 micron short life (up to 2 years) film which has been specially designed for more firmness for applications for example labels and large flat panels.

Metamark MD-P has a 100 micron film to offer more rigidity when performing print and cut work such as labels. It also offers easier application of larger displays onto flat panels, and is therefore suitable for promotional prints, that can be easily applied. Suitable for print and cut labels, and larger flat panel prints.

  • Best general sticker vinyl - Ideal for for BN-20 machine
  • Thicker, easier to handle
  • Best sticker for print then cut - less dry time


  • Allow the inks to cure before cutting or overlaminating, usually 24-48 hours. Perform cut path as separate operation to avoid edge curl.
  • Not recommended for use on low energy surfaces. The user should determine suitability of substrate. 


  • Gloss


Type: Permanent solvent-free acrylic 
Weight: 18gsm nominal
Adhesion to glass 20 mins: 10N/25mm nominal

Adhesion to glass 24 hour: 20N/25mm nominal
Perceived tack: Medium
Application temperature: +5 C to +60 C
Service temperature: -30 C to +110 C


Shelf Life: 1 Year
External Weathering: 4 Years (refers to unprinted vinyl when installed)
Fire Rating: Self Extinguishing

Technical Data Sheet

For instructions on how to use this product, click the link below:

Metamark MD-P P/Cut Gloss Printable SAV Tech Sheet

Application Tape

Metamark R-Tape 4076RLA High Tack Paper App Tape for SAV
Metamark R-tape AT65 High Tack Clear App Tape for SAV