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  • Transmatic Lower Platen 28cm x 38cm

    Transmatic Lower Platen 28cm x 38cm

    (ex. GST)

    Optional Heat Press Platens We have a range of heat press base plates compatible with Transmatic heat presses. Having several different sized base plates will allow you to apply heat transfers to...

  • Transmatic TMH 17D

    (ex. GST)

    Manual Double Plate Cap Press For the baseball cap entrepreneur. Manual heat press with a curved top and bottom plate to ensure even transfer application on caps. Electric time and temperature...

  • Transmatic TS 3M

    (ex. GST)

    Single Plate Manual Press For the business start-up, office or sports club. We use one of these in the office ourselves. Manual heat press with lateral opening. The top plate is not fixed in a...

  • Transmatic TS 5M

    (ex. GST)

    Double Plate Manual Press Manual double plate, swing away top plate. The top plate is not fixed in a rigid manner to ensure even pressure between the top and bottom plate. Electric time and...

  • Transmatic TS 5PA

    Transmatic TS 5PA

    (ex. GST)

    Double Plate Pneumatic Press In the hands of an experienced heat presser, this machine is capable of over 1600 presses a day. Double plate pneumatic (automatic) heat press with lateral movement of...